Rebecca DeHass, PsyD

Dr. Rebecca DeHass practices from an integrative approach, with an emphasis on behavioral therapy. She believes that any behavior is an intention to support the self, yet many times the behavior exacerbates sadness, anger, etc. The most important uses of therapy ate to understand the past, own the present, and choose the future. These components are primarily important when working through trauma and experiences outside of one’s control. The story we all choose to believe about ourselves (factual or not) is what cultivates or stifles the joy of life.

Dr. DeHass works with individuals of all ages and developmental levels. She also enjoys working with couples and families. She specializes in treating trauma and relationship issues as well as depression and anxiety. For children, she is also experienced in treating neglect, attachment disorders, sexual reactivity and behavioral problems

Phone: (603) 742-1373
Hours: M-F 9am-5pm