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Stephen J. Naifeh

Ph.D. — over 30 years of experience using a psychodynamic-relational approach.

Stephen Naifeh is a licensed clinical psychologist who has over 25 years of experience in private practice. Dr. Naifeh uses a psychodynamic-relational approach with adolescents and adults. The large share of his practice includes men and women across the lifespan in both individual and couples therapy. He also specializes in men’s therapy groups and is one of the few clinicians in the Seacoast area providing process groups for men’s emotional-relational growth.

Dr. Naifeh’s work emphasizes relationships as the most potentially gratifying and meaningful parts of our lives. We are wired for connection and when we are in close connection with others. we experience what psychologist, Jean Baker Miller, called “the five good things.” These include a sense of zest, of vitality; personal empowerment to take action in the world; increased self and other knowledge; improved self-worth and a desire for more relationships. To this end, the most important relationship that one has is with oneself. Therapy helps the client develop greater self-awareness, less defensiveness and more compassion towards oneself and others. Life can then hold greater joy and meaning with less emotional distress.

“I must tell those of you reading this that this profession of psychology is one I have truly enjoyed for the past three decades. It reminds me daily of the complexity of the human condition and of the resilience of the great majority of human beings in the face of suffering. It continues to be an honor for me to help people change, to listen to their stories, their secrets, their worries and fears as well as their greatest joys. It is forever enlarging to me to have this privilege to build special connections with my clients over the months or years together.”

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